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"A Resurrection of Beauty" - sin cesar magazine (March 2024)

"Home" and "ñañitos" - The Acentos Review (October 2023)

"Brown girl refuses to die" - Journal X, p. 128 (July 2023)

"Still Life on an Early Tuesday Morning" - The Bayou Review (May 2023)

"Love song for S." - Space City Underground Magazine, p. 42 (April 2023)

"Glory," "Pantoum for Tía Flor," and "Parted" - Latin@ Literatures (March 2023)

"The way back" - Dollar Store Magazine, p. 74 (February 2023)

"Keep us light" - Moss Puppy Magazine, p. 56 (November 2022)

"The Ultrasound Ghazal" - Mujeristas Collective (October 2022)

"Love in liquid form" - Mixed Mag (August 2022)

"Church Culture"- La Raíz Magazine, recipient of the La Raíz Poetry Prize, p. 28 (November 2021)


"The sex talk you never had" - Muchacha Fanzine (October 2022)

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