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"She holds holy truths in the folds of both lips, He the wrong pronoun for God.

For who better knows the correlation between bleeding and loving,

between breathing and drowning,

than She?"

-Love in Liquid Form

Meet Liz Márquez


Liz Márquez (she/her) is an Ecuadorian American bilingual educator and writer based in Houston, Texas. As a daughter of immigrants and first-generation college graduate, she writes to pursue healing and wholeness, both for herself and the Latine community. She often uses writing as a means of exploring faith and spirituality through a decolonized and mujerista lens. Her poems and other writings have appeared in The Acentos Review, sin cesar magazine (formerly Dryland), Latin@ Literatures, Muchacha Fanzine, and more. She is a 2023 VONA fellow and 2021 La Raíz Poetry Prize recipient.


Most recently, Liz participated in Color:Story 2023, a Houston art exhibition displaying different collaborations between visual artists and poets. She came alongside artist Grace Zuñiga, who created a piece inspired by her poem about the sacrificial heart of a mother, “Love in Liquid Form.” This event was one of the greatest honors Liz has experienced in this poet life.

When not writing or teaching, Liz can be found running around after her five-year-old, watering her plant babies, or rewatching episodes of Jane the Virgin.

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