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"But I know all good flows from Jesus—

Birthed from between a woman’s holy thighs,

Nourished at a woman’s holy breasts,

Sustained by a woman’s holy prayers.

For we all

Have been carried  by our mothers' prayers."

-Church Culture

Meet Liz Márquez


Liz Márquez (she/her) is an Ecuadorian-American bilingual educator, writer, and poet based in Houston, Texas. As a daughter of immigrants and first-generation college graduate, she writes to pursue healing and wholeness, both for herself and her Latinx community. Her  poem, “Church Culture,” which explores a decolonized and mujerista faith, is a La Raíz Poetry Prize recipient. Liz aims to be a good ancestor and therefore embeds the idea that true liberation is collective liberation into her writing. She writes for her gente because the stories that have been silenced the most often matter the most.

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