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Aquí somos libres

Flying on the wings of my ancestors, The ones their oppressors tried to clip. Knowing neither ceiling Nor walls to contain all my destiny. Porque soy libre.

Surrounded by hermanas Black, Indigenous, and women of color— No longer silenced into submission, No longer shackled by internal shame. Porque somos libres.

Greñas and curls bouncing along To the melody of our belly laughs. No longer having to prove our every inhale; Now having all the space to exhale Porque somos libres.

Allowing ourselves to be enveloped En ella, Holy Spirit, And her encouragement of our Very Good-ness. Wholeheartedly believing her Porque somos libres.

The moment Jesus meant for us: “To set the burdened and battered free.” Free isn’t free until it is en conjunto. ¡Gloria sea a Jesús! ¡Aquí somos libres!

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